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Overview of Nanda Automation Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:http://www.nandaauto.com/About.aspx?CateId=68

Company name: Nanda Automation Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Company address: No.199 Qingshuiting West Road, Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing



Business philosophy

(1) Adhering to the concept of independent technology and precision quality, committed to the research and production of industrial control products.

(2) To achieve industrial automation as the goal, carry out technological innovation, save energy and reduce emissions, continuously improve labor efficiency, and create rich value.

(3) Adhere to the people-oriented principle and respect customers, shareholders, employees and all people through sound business activities.



Social responsibility highlights

Highlights of corporate social responsibility in 2015 >>>

Increasing wealth for the society, creating value for customers, and improving welfare for employees are the values of Nanda Automation. Promote CSR activities with practical actions of all employees.


2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Highlights >>>

Increasing wealth for the society, creating value for customers, and improving welfare for employees are the values of Nanda Automation. Promote CSR activities with practical actions of all employees.

Knowledge is power, and reading changes destiny. As long as we attach equal importance to the spirit and body of our children and give the most beautiful books to the most beautiful childhood, we can strengthen the rural education with reading. On August 1, 2019, Nanda Auto Technology launched the "Donation Initiative on Participating in the Public Welfare Action of Baixie Education to Promote the Reading of Rural Children" within the company. As of August 2nd, we received a total of 12,618 yuan from the charity donation, 5,322 yuan from the company, and all the donations of 17,940 yuan were transferred to Baizi Education for unified management and transfer.


Baixi used all the donations donated by our company to the book corner of "Aotuomation Technology" in Jinpen Junior High School in Shangyou County, Jiangxi Province. On November 20, 2019, Baixi's full-time staff went to the school to learn about the use of the book corner, and communicated with the teacher for the next reading promotion.

The love of all employees of Nanda Automation Technology warmed up his/her childhood. May our kindness illuminate each other and love to walk with us! Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance. We look forward to working with you to improve the reading of rural children!



Career and important issues

We believe that the most important issues in the world today are population, resource and environmental issues.

(1) The high-speed rail disaster monitoring system with NA products as the core has passed the experiment of the National Academy of Railway Sciences and has been put into operation.

(2) Provide solutions for sewage treatment and realize them through NA products.



Nanda Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and related enterprises set up the "Safety and Intelligent Industrial Control Joint R&D and Innovation Center" approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission for establishment.

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