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Brand slogan

Independent Technology, Smart Control Global

The brand concept of "Independent Technology, Smart Control Global" was put forward in early 2012, and was officially released by the company during the International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) in Guangzhou, China on March 7, 2012. The brand slogan elaborates on the company's development path of creating high-quality automation products with completely independent intellectual property rights and competing with international mainstream brands in the global automation market.


Company Mission

Make industry smarter and make life easier

The mission concept of "making industry smarter and making life easier" is an extension of the brand concept of "independent technology, Huikong Global". It expounds the corporate responsibility of the company to improve industrial production efficiency with high-quality products, promote convenience of life, and contribute to manpower advancement with its own technology.


Company Vision

Leading the national industrial control industry and becoming a world-class manufacturer

As a responsible enterprise, we must set our development goals from the national level and the world level. Therefore, "leading the national industrial control industry and becoming a world-class manufacturer" has become our long-term goal of development and our lofty ideals.


Strategic objectives

Master the core technology in the field of industrial control, enhance the level of national industrial automation

The development of an enterprise is a gradual process. To realize our lofty ideals in the global field, we must base ourselves on our starting point, adapt to the environment around us, and set up staged goals for our development. Seizing the real opportunities of China's reform and development and industrial transformation and upgrading is an inevitable process for us to base ourselves on reality and realize lofty ideals. Core technology is the foundation of our life and the source of "independent science and technology"; the development of national industry is the foundation of our body standing in the forest of the world, and the first step in the realization of the "Smart Control Global" ideal. Therefore, "mastering the core technology in the field of industrial control and improving the level of national industrial automation" has become our first choice of strategic goals in the early stages of development.


Quality policy

Continuous improvement, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction

The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in November 2011, and put forward the quality policy of "continuous improvement, continuous innovation, and customer satisfaction". This policy elaborates the company's quality goal of "customer satisfaction", continuous improvement of quality management, and always implements innovative work attitude in product development and quality management.


Business strategy

Carry out customized development of personalized products, provide an overall solution for automation

As a local company starting from the Chinese market, the full play of localization advantages is an inevitable choice of business strategy. As a local company that has a deeper understanding of the characteristics of China's industrial automation, we have chosen a more flexible strategy to adapt to the internationally competitive Chinese market. Personalized customization and systematic solutions are our two great tools for competition. This strategy was announced to the industry because we understand customer needs better, our services are more flexible, and we can fully adapt to customer needs, so we will be more vital.


Corporate values

Increase wealth for society, create value for customers, enhance welfare for employees

Society, customers and employees are the three benefit dimensions in enterprise development. The balance of the three dimensions is the foundation of the company's sustainable vitality. Society is the environment in which we live, customers are our food and clothing parents, and employees are the source of our development. Therefore, we must take into account all aspects without sacrificing the interests of any dimension.


Employee values

Pursue the interests of the team and realize self-worth

Personal growth and team growth are symbiotic and coexisting. Only team growth can create an environment for personal development, and personal development can achieve team growth. The interests of both should not be neglected. The balance between the interests of the team and the individual and the realization of growth and development together are the basic requirements for the company's employees' values.

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