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NA400-product accessories
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NA400 PLC产品附件

Product description
Performance parameters

Product accessories

1. Install the backplane in 6 slots, 9 slots, 12 slots, and 15 slots. The power module and the CPU module each occupy an independent slot.

2. The bus adapter is a high-speed backplane bus matching resistor, two for each CPU.

3. The front connection terminals of all I/O modules are the same, they can be selected according to the number of modules, and quoted separately.

4. Multiple backplanes are cascaded in the form of bus extension cables. The length is divided into three models: 1 meter, 2 meters, and 3 meters. Special lengths need to be customized, up to 100 meters.

5. The hot standby redundant CPU does not require a hot standby module, as long as a hot standby redundant cable is selected, it is quoted separately.




CT module and pre-wired backplane connection 

NA400 PLC产品附件


*The information provided in this article is just a general description and feature introduction of the product. The content in this article may change with the further development of the product, and the right of interpretation belongs to Nanda Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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NA400 PLC产品附件



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