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Product technical features
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Product description
Performance parameters

Powerful expansion ability




Rich motion control functions




◇ Support up to 4 high-speed counting channels (two-channel AB phase counting, two-channel single-phase counting).

◇ Support multiple counting modes such as AB phase, single phase, single phase direction, single phase frequency measurement.




◇ Support maximum 4 high-speed output functions (maximum 200KHz pulse output).

◇ Support a variety of high-speed pulse output instructions such as: ORG origin search, PWM pulse width modulation, PLSY high-speed pulse, PLSR acceleration and deceleration high-speed pulse, etc.

Simple temperature control




◇ The CPU comes with PID calculation function, which can easily realize closed-loop control of pressure and temperature.

◇ All CPUs support up to 16 PID modules.

Easy to learn programming software





◇ IEC61131-3 international standard 

◇ Chinese/English interface

Password protection




Projects can protect the project configuration by setting a password, and the program cannot be viewed or modified without permission. Two levels of file and login passwords, the file password is used to open the project file, and the login password is used for online, upload and download.

Offline simulation and online debugging




In the case of simulation, you can separate from the actual PLC, carry out development and debugging, perfectly simulate the hardware function, accurately reproduce the behavior of the target program, and effectively shorten the program development cycle. In online mode, the program supports online debugging functions such as setting breakpoints and single-step execution. Engineering staff can easily debug the program and find errors.

Rich functional modules




NA200Pro has built-in standard modules such as mathematical operations, statistical operations, logical operations, and relational operations. It also provides practical functional modules such as serial communication, PID, and pulse output.

Powerful communication function

Integrated two serial ports




◇ Serial port 1: Programming port/RS232

◇ Serial port 2: RS485

◇ Protocol: Freeport/Modbus

Multiple communication modules




◇ RS485 serial port module

◇ Ethernet module

◇ PROFIBUS-DP module

◇ CANOPEN module


*The information provided in this article is just a general description and feature introduction of the product. The content in this article may change with the further development of the product, and the right of interpretation belongs to Nanda Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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