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NA2000-LoRa wireless interconnection
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Product description
Performance parameters

NA2000 LoRa wireless interconnection solution

LoRa Technology: A technology dedicated to radio modulation and demodulation issued by Semtech. It also has the characteristics of low power consumption and long-distance networking, and its transmission distance can reach tens of kilometers. Ordinary data transmitters based on LoRa technology can reach up to 10 kilometers. In LoRa's network, it supports multiple nodes, generally distributed in a star shape.


Transmission characteristics

Communication frequency band: 779MHz ~ 787MHz.

Maximum number of communication nodes: 32.

Transmission distance: General products are less than 2000 meters, and enhanced chips are 10000 meters.


*The information provided in this article is just a general description and feature introduction of the product. The content in this article may change with the further development of the product, and the right of interpretation belongs to Nanda Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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