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Product description

NAControl monitoring configuration software is a product developed by Atop Technology combining its industrial automation and information experience accumulated in more than ten years with cutting-edge IT technology. This series of products is aimed at the general monitoring configuration software market. As the basic platform software in industrial automation software, it can provide solutions for various industries. Its latest products fully support Microsoft's 32/64-bit Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. Under the premise of ensuring system stability, it not only increases the flexibility of the product, but also improves the convenience of use, allowing you to quickly build a basic industrial monitoring system.




Flexible and convenient development environment >>>



  • Provides an integrated design environment, and various libraries and components support custom properties, methods, and events.
  • Support the self-adaption of engineering screen resolution, support one machine multi-screen configuration.
  • Thousands of rich graphic elements are provided, with a rich set of "vector" industry libraries and support for custom libraries.
  • Various primitive objects are equipped with multiple layers, and the display and hiding of each layer can be flexibly controlled through scripts, which is convenient for screen production.
  • Using GDI+ drawing technology, users can achieve the filling of various shadows and transition colors of the primitives, which makes the graphics rendering better and the interface display more beautiful.


  • Seamless integration with .net technology, support WPF and WCF technology to build 3D graphic object components.


  • The powerful ActiveX control object container defines a brand-new container interface set, which can directly operate the container through "script", call the object's methods and properties, and facilitate the integration of the system.




Powerful alarm management >>>

The distributed alarm system provided has the functions of alarm storage, statistics, analysis, display, filtering, query, processing, event triggering, printing, etc., with up to 9999 alarm priorities. Aiming at the alarm object, it adopts a tree-shaped alarm group management, supports accurate three-dimensional and multi-dimensional positioning alarm information, and facilitates search and management. Support real-time alarm notification and output of multimedia voice, video, text-to-speech conversion, e-mail and SMS, and support alarm and event network data disconnection storage and recovery function.



Complete redundancy and fault tolerance technology >>>

NAControl has adopted bold innovations and explorations in technologies such as system architecture design, load balancing, fault isolation, rapid maintenance, redundancy and fault tolerance. The main features are as follows:

  • Service technology that separates graphics and image "isolation" package design, visualization and data processing. It avoids the interference of excessive graphics and image resources on the data layer, so that different users can choose any dynamic image and graphics mode according to industry requirements. While ensuring the gorgeous monitoring effect, it also guarantees the stability of the system.
  • Load balancing technology goes deep into the design of distributed components. The multi-process and multi-thread design decompose the system's work tasks. The "soft" bus technology ensures easy system expansion. The remote data transmission supports the disconnection reconnection and recovery mechanism, so that the data synchronization between processes and the reliability of network communication have been greatly improved.
  • Equipped with self-diagnosis and self-recovery technology, adopting unified process management, software built-in "watchdog" design, each process of the system has self-diagnosis and self-recovery functions, fully guaranteeing the stability and safety of the entire system.
  • Support the system's "soft" redundancy and "hard" redundancy configuration, support system cluster configuration.
  • Support communication load balancing and dynamic optimization of communication efficiency. Supports automatic and manual subcontracting of transmitted data blocks. With "block data" reading and forwarding, it effectively improves the balance of data reading and writing communication efficiency. Support functions such as device dynamic device switching.
  • IO device communication supports device redundancy, channel redundancy, and supports the switching of heterogeneous communication links in the control network. The use of a new multi-process and multi-thread IO scheduling mechanism makes communication more efficient and faster.



Flexible and convenient template design environment >>>

Provide an integrated design environment. Complete template design for project template creation, data model and screen model, etc.". Support window template. Support multi-person collaboration and remote deployment project. Support project model import and export, easy and fast engineering configuration. Support Online upgrade and dynamic maintenance of system files and project files.



Powerful compilation and calculation engine >>>

  • Using the original "invisible script" technology. Support script online debugging. Support internal scripts. Ensure that multiple internal and external "script" technologies are nested to form applications. Ensure the most convenient integration of the system. Support variable intelligent search function. Support variable editing and positioning, searching, sorting, import and export functions.
  • It supports dynamic variable registration mechanism in the running state, and can access the attributes and methods of related components to achieve the nesting and integration of scripting technology. The real-time database supports the background "calculation script" technology to ensure convenient data processing and statistical operations.



Visualization system for "service mode" >>>

  • In addition to providing a variety of fast analysis curve, report, and alarm templates, NAControl. It also provides a variety of system extensions, such as geographic information system, video surveillance system, virtual display technology, three-dimensional image technology, GDI+ technology have been integrated in SCADA system.
  • The NAControl platform software can be independently deployed according to the IO communication layer, data layer, visualization, web portal, and data communication layer. The product adopts multi-process and multi-thread design and open architecture. It fully supports DDE, OPC, ODBC/SQL, OLE DB XML, ActiveX and other standards, and provides external access interfaces in various forms such as OLE, COM/DCOM, and API. It is convenient for users to use various common development tools (such as: VC++, VB, .net, etc.) for deep secondary development, which is convenient for collaboration and integration.
  • With powerful objects and OCX containers. Support the system to flexibly expand the access method. Scripts can be perfectly integrated with third-party ActiveX plug-ins, and support third-party ActiveX components for Web publishing.



*The information provided in this article is just a general description and feature introduction of the product. The content in this article may change with the further development of the product, and the right of interpretation belongs to Nanda Automation Technology Co., Ltd.The pictures in the article are from the Internet.


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