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Application Case of Environment and Equipment Monitoring System for Underground Comprehensive Pipe Corridor


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Application Case of Environment and Equipment Monitoring System for Underground Comprehensive Pipe Corridor

(Summary description)

Application Case of Environment and Equipment Monitoring System for Underground Comprehensive Pipe Corridor

(Summary description)



The power pipe corridor monitoring and alarm system is a very comprehensive management and control system. Due to the different technical systems and the different standards adopted between the various systems, it is difficult to be compatible and interoperable. This not only needs to take into account the needs of environment and equipment monitoring, communication, information management, etc., but also needs to take into account the need for image monitoring in disaster early warning, security and other aspects. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the integration of supporting systems such as alarm and access control and linkage with the broadcasting system. Therefore, in the interconnection process of these systems, the problem of heterogeneous information islands will inevitably occur. To break the situation of information islands, the monitoring and alarm system of complex and heterogeneous methods needs to solve the problems of compatibility between different manufacturers and different products and the integration of multiple systems. It needs to consider the platform's network access and resource development methods, but also needs to design from the perspective of large-scale network users, and grasp the principles of mutual benefit and sharing.

The "Urban Electric Power Corridor Monitoring and Alarm System Management and Control Integration Platform" developed by Nanda Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully solved the compatibility of many brands, the integration and integration of various systems, and the inconsistency of protocols and interface standards based on management and control technology. The problem has become the future development direction of the power pipe corridor monitoring system.



Project configuration and description

The Subu Island Power Pipe Gallery is located in Dongtou District, Wenzhou City, with a total length of 400M, and a total of 3 fire protection zones. The appearance of the pipe gallery is shown below.


The Subu Island Electric Power Corridor System is composed of three parts: management layer, control layer and equipment layer. The management layer is the core of the entire monitoring system. It contacts, coordinates, controls and manages the work of various subsystems as well as the transmission and communication of data. Among them, the PLC is responsible for collecting the detection signals in the pipe corridor, logical operation analysis and automatically and manually controlling the equipment in the pipe corridor according to the signals. The equipment layer is on-site lighting, fan, water pump, video monitoring, oxygen sensor, hydrogen sulfide sensor, methane sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, infrared detection and other equipment. The system block diagram is shown in Figure 1:




PLC control system>>>

The regional control unit uses the NA300 series PLC, which integrates signal acquisition, local control, data exchange, and remote networking. Realize the collection of temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide concentration in the pipe gallery and real-time control and monitoring of on-site water pumps, fans, lighting, hydraulic manhole covers. And through the ring network switch, accurate and timely transmission to the unified information management platform of the monitoring center. On the display screen of the control room of the monitoring center, data such as gas (O2, CH4, H2S), temperature, humidity, water level, and operating status of field equipment in each fire compartment are displayed in digital form. It is convenient for the on-duty personnel to discover the on-site environment and equipment problems in a timely manner, eliminate faults and deal with the alarm situation in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the pipe corridor.


Each fire zone control unit mainly includes the following parts:

1. Regional controller ACU3000



2. Environmental detection sensors (including oxygen, methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, temperature and humidity)



3. Infrared intrusion and video surveillance



4. Water pump control box



5. Fan control box



6. Emergency lighting control box



7. General lighting control box



8. Hydraulic manhole cover controller




Host computer monitoring system>>>

The upper computer uses NAControl configuration software and is composed of two engineer stations. Users can realize real-time online monitoring of sensors and electrical equipment through the monitoring system. Users can directly perform related operations in the graphics window of the host computer to achieve related control requirements.


The main screen includes the following parts

1. Main screen of equipment monitoring and control


2. Real-time query and historical query screen


3. Alarm record query screen




Control function


Condition monitoring >>>

It can realize the collection of the temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide concentration in the pipe gallery and the online monitoring function of the real-time status of the on-site water pump, fan, lighting and hydraulic manhole cover.


Linkage control>>>

Under automatic conditions, the automatic linkage control of the pump and the liquid level sensor is realized, and the pump motor is started/stopped according to the program. Under the local conditions, manually adjust the start and stop of the pump according to the site conditions. Under automatic conditions, the automatic linkage control of the fan and the gas sensor is realized, and the fan is started/stopped according to the program according to the sensor value. Under local conditions, the fans can be manually started and stopped according to the site conditions, emergency lighting, general lighting and hydraulic manhole covers can be controlled remotely.



Through the automated centralized control system, not only can the sub-control system be monitored in the centralized control room. You can also use software to monitor, debug, and program the system. Reduce the amount of equipment maintenance and repair, and reduce the burden on operating personnel.

Since the system was put into operation, the equipment has been running well, and the entire system has not had any failures. And achieved good results and won unanimous praise from the operating staff. The entire program control system greatly improves the operation and control level of the equipment. Each operation step of the system can be completed by automatic control in the main control room. Various parameters such as status and sensor values during operation can be displayed on the main control screen. The printer prints out the fault alarm and the parameter data such as real-time and historical records is easy to consult.


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